Our History

Established 1963

DRVSA began play as the Dublin Little League and soon Deep Run Valley Little League at two fields behind Goldie’s Diner in Dublin, PA in the spring of 1963, following a series of organizational meetings in 1962. The League initially had 4 Major teams and 5 minor teams.

Expansion began in 1969 when the Major Division moved to 6 teams and the minors to two 4-team divisions. This expansion prompted the purchase of 16.5 acres in Hilltown for $10,000. With Softball and a Senior Division added in the early 70·s, Deep Run left sanctioned Little League and incorporated as the DRVSA.

Following the inception of Soccer in 1976, a second floor was added to the clubhouse. Continued growth led to the addition of 3 acres from Carson’s Helicopter in 1995 and 3 soccer fields on Telegragh Road. Currently more than 10 soccer fields and 9-10 ball fields are used annually.

Most recently, major facilities improvements (press boxes & dugouts) have created quality playing fields for our various baseball/softball programs. Two pavilions (one donated by the Schramm Family in John’s memory) and a utility building are also used heavily.

As our facilities have grown, our programs, too, have evolved. In 1990, The League returned officially to official Little League status for baseball and softball. Our affiliation with Connie Mack continues, and travel soccer has grown beyond our original Upper Bucks Soccer League membership. Finally, in the late 90’s a basketball program was instituted and has grown rapidly. Our Membership is closing in on 2200 families and the budget is over $350,000.

This brief historical overview shows that we owe a great debt to our founders and subsequent leaders, sponsors, coaches, participating families and the community at large.


Past Presidents of DRVSA

Bill Van Sant (Current)
Hans Sumpf
Mark Phipps
Jon Kutzner
Dave Tyson
Bill Smith
Joan D’Aiuto
Dave Nyman
John Keim
Sheila Moyer
Dan Miller
Dan Traynor
Al Neppas
Jim Northington
Ed White
Dave Donnelly
Lou Reckner
Chuck Hughes
Bob Dupree
Jules Tanghe
Bill Innes
Brian Flack
Gerald May
Harry Moore
Lee Robinson

Deep Run 1969
Deep Run 1969

Deep Run 1971