Connie Mack

Ages 13 & Up

Registration: Occurs in January (Jan.1 – Feb. 28th, for most divisions) for the Spring Season. Fall Baseball registration is available from mid-May through mid-August.

Connie Mack Divisions

  • Connie Mack Spring: Ages 13-16
  • Connie Mack Summer: Ages 13-16 
  • Connie Mack Spring Tournament Teams
  • Connie Mack Adult Ages 27 & Up

Fall Baseball Divisions:

  • Connie Mack: Ages 13-16

Other Info:

  • There is only one registration for Spring and Summer Connie Mack – if you wish to play in the summer, you must register in Jan/Feb.
  • Players are allowed to wear plastic or metal spikes

Have additional questions about Connie Mack, please reach out to our >> Connie Mack Baseball Commissioner via email.