Club Rules

Please read the Club Rules and pass them along to family and friends. These rules apply to all on and off-campus locations.
  • Deep Run is SMOKE-FREE. This includes Vaping and Cigarettes.
  • NO PETS are allowed at Deep Run. Service animals must have a certified vest.
  • ALCOHOL and DRUGS are prohibited.
  • Please DO NOT drive personal off-road vehicles onto the Deep Run Property. Please use a parking spot.
  • Children MAY NOT play in sheds or on Deep Run equipment.
  • Trash cans are located throughout the Deep Run properties. Please leave the field/dugout the way you found it.

Parking Information

Main Complex and Overflow Parking

Deep Run is located at 953 Callowhill Rd Perkasie, PA 18944.

We have TWO PARKING LOTS: our Main Complex and our Overflow parking lot. We encourage families to carpool to help alleviate traffic and congestion at the main complex if at all possible. Also, please help spread the word to family and friends visiting our complex.

One Way Only

Our Main Entrance and Overflow parking lots are ONE WAY ONLY. For the safety of all our families please respect the traffic patterns at the complex.

Roundabout Rules for Drop off and Pick up

When entering the roundabout by the snack stand please enter from the right and follow the roped off path to carefully drop off or pick up players. Please DO NOT park or back up in this area. This is ONE WAY ONLY!

Parking is Pull-in Only

As stated above Deep Run parking lots are ONE WAY ONLY. This means all vehicles must PULL-IN face in. DO NOT back into a spot.

Overflow Parking Lot

Deep Run leases land from Carson Helicopters to provide additional parking at our Main Complex. The overflow parking lot is located at 945 Callowhill Rd Perkasie, PA 18944. The parking lot is a quick walk away from all soccer, lacrosse, softball, and baseball fields. When exiting the Main Complex on Hilltown Pike turn right out of the driveway. Turn right onto Callowhill Rd. Pass our Main Entrance and the Overflow parking lot will be on your right marked with Deep Run flags.

Parking Spots by Clubhouse

There are parking spots next to the clubhouse. These spots are for the Grounds Manager and the Stack Stand Manager/Volunteers. Please DO NOT park in these spots as it is essential to have these spaces open for our managers to get in and out of the complex quickly and to accept deliveries for the club. Thank you for understanding.

New Parking Lot by Exit

Deep Run has added additional parking at the dead-end past our exit at the Main Complex. This area allows vehicles to park, turn around, and exit the area safely. This parking lot is ONE WAY ONLY. Please do not cross over solid lines when parking. Park FACE IN as the arrows are pointing in the diagram above.

Signs for the Handicap parking spots will be up shortly. It is against the law to park in Handicap spots without the proper licence plate or rear view mirror plaque.