Coaching Background Checks

Please go to if you are planning on coaching at Deep Run. If you have gone through this website for Deep Run in last three years, there is no need to complete the form.

  • Click start background check
  • Organization code is DRVSA
  • Account type
    • Volunteer
    • Select appropriate residency answer
  • Fill in personal information
  • Select whether you have a clearance or not for criminal and child welfare.   

o If you do. You can upload for review

  • E-sign by typing in your name
  • System provides you a code to use for PA child welfare website where you need to create an account as well to process PA child welfare check, (required)
    • Copy code
    • Select Complete Child welfare check
  • Once at PA welfare site
    • Select Create an individual account
    • And complete.
    • This will then show completed on

Any question please contact Hans Sumpf at [email protected].