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2019-20 Travel Basketball Tryout Schedule

August 30, 2019

2019 Travel Basketball Tryout Schedule

Please bring a basketball to every tryout

Size of basketball:
> 28.5 for 3rd-6th
> 29.5 7th-8th
> Girls size is 28.5 no matter the age.

There will be 3 tryouts per age group. You MUST attend at least 1 Tryout. Each player needs to sign in and give phone number and email before trying out. Also starting this year, if you're a parent watching your child trying out for a team we're asking that you not coach/instruct your child from the stands. Remember if you want to Coach...volunteer. We dont want to have to make closed tryouts for everyone. Thank you in advance for understanding! If you have any questions I will be at everyone's 1st tryout or you can direct them to your Head Coach.

(Age group explanation: 9G is 4th grade, 10G/5th, 11G/6th, 12G/7th, 13G/8th...8Boys is 3rd grade, 9B/4th, etc.)

Sept. 9-13 @Quakertown Christian School...Thursday Sept 12 is being Moved to Central MS 
               Mon    Tues    Thurs.    Friday 
6-7pm.   10G                    9G         10B
7-8pm.   11G      9B         13G       11B
8-9pm    12G.     13B      12B
Sept. 16-20 @ Central Middle School 
               Mon       Tues.     Thurs     Friday 
6-7pm    10G        8B.         9G.         10B
7-8pm    11G.       9B.         13G        11B
8-9pm    12G        13B        12B
Sept. 23-27 @ Central Middle School 
              Mon       Tues       Thurs      Friday 
6-7pm   10G.       8B.          9G.          10B
7-8pm.  11G        9B.          13G         11B
8-9pm.  12G.       13B         12B


***Please notice 1st week is at Quakertown Christian School and 2nd and 3rd week at Central Middle School

Any questions or concerns please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bob Regan
Deep Run Travel Basketball