Deep Run Valley Sports Association

Travel Basketball - Playing Time

September 27, 2013

Overall Philosophy
The philosophy of Deep Run Travel Basketball at any age level is to get and keep the kids excited about playing basketball, having fun, want to come back, grow the program and, last but not least ‐ win.

Deep Run believes that creating a winning team is a process. If you start teaching the fundamentals, the definition of team, and the enjoyment of the game at the younger ages, as the players mature, it will grow their confidence, increase their understanding of the game, and “want to win” (along with staying together).
The playing time percentages noted below are not exact amounts. Coaches will attempt to comes as close as possible to meeting the percentages noted.

Ages 8 ‐ 11
The playing time will be approximately 50% of the game.
Bench players and starters should not be in the vocabulary of the kids, coaches or parents at this age. It is the responsibility of the coach to teach the fundamentals, develop the kids, and have them enjoy the game and want to come back. It is also the responsibility of the coach to ensure that the parents understand this. Deep Run believes that the coach should establish the expectations at the beginning of the season.

Kids will not remember winning and losing 6 months down the road. They will remember that great layup that they made or that last second shot that they put in, but they will not remember who won or lost the game. The wins always seem to be more than the losses and every time you talk to them, their team record actually gets better.

Ages 12 – 14
The expectation is 35% of the game…this is not 35% of the season because weaker players will then be played during weaker competition which is not the intention of the program. If the player makes the team the player will play the game. As noted above, Deep Run believes that the coach should establish the expectations at the beginning of the season.

Winning becomes more important at this age but, again, it is not to win at all cost. If you take a player at this age, the expectation is that the coach will play them. There are no practice players. If the player is not going to play 35% of the game, then the coach should release them before the season commences.